Friday, May 31, 2013

I met Barbra Joan!

 The blogging world is interesting, full of fantasies, misrepresentations, out and out weirdos, conflicting ideas and
clashing personalities.  It is not really easy to lay bare your personality, philosophy and ways of dealing with life in a few paragraphs.  Certainly I have been accused of this or that, thought too liberal and even thought too conservative and over the four years I have been blogging most of my "followers" have dropped by the wayside.  In their defense, some of them are dead.  I began blogging when I got cancer four years ago and started because I really wanted to know who it was this cancer was attempting to kill.  I am still working on that even though the cancer is long gone.  I am a survivor!
   Barbra Joan, a nice Southern sounding name for a Jersey Girl with a New York Accent, was one of my first "followers" and, of course, I followed her!  She is an amazing woman, young for her years (pretty "hot" really, I included pictures!) and a fellow artist, a fellow in this struggling world, attempting to find laughter and meaning in a topsy turvy world.
Four years we have blogged and sent the occasional private email, even talking "politics" off the grid, and this and that and
encouragement in art and in life.
Barbra Joan lives in Florida, 3000 miles from Oregon and the
chance to meet is about the same as winning a lottery ticket, but
that's what happened!  She had the opportunity to sail the Alaskan
Seas, visit friends in Washington and for a few days was only hours
Barbra is younger (and did I say "Hot"?), funny, smarter and far
more charming in person and her little tiny five foot frame is
capable of a huge bear hug!  We had a great, far too short, afternoon together
and a wonderful light dinner of fish and chips!
Ain't life strange? and fantastic! I have some of her paintings
on my studio wall and now I have met the artist!  What a small


rama said...

Wow! Jerry you both look wonderful. I can understand how exciting it is meet a blogger friend. I also had the opportunity of meeting two of my blogger friends,one from Norway, and one from Bangalore itself.It was really great having them come home to meet me and spend some time with me.
I glad to know you could also meet Barbara. Yes she looks good.

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, I'm back home in Florida as of this morning..3000 miles is very far but yes, we met and we still liked each other..
I love your blog post, your far too kind and you know I was thrilled to meet you..who knows, maybe another time again.. This is one more example of 'never say never' . Barbra Joan

Graciewilde said...

Very cool! I think it would be fun to meet some of the people I have met through the blog business - they know more about me than some of my coworkers know!

SooZeQue said...

That's so wonderful! I will be experiencing the same in Dec. when my blogging friends are coming from Australia and will stay with me for 3 days! It's an amazing art community. Good to see your garden and you flouishing. I'm still here and trying to more forward.