Sunday, May 12, 2013

Steel Flower Beds

The old flower beds had seen their day.  Nice at the time,
made from 2 x 6 cedar with 4 x 4 corner posts,
they were rotten and falling apart.  So, what to do?
I took the 2 x 6 top ledger board off and removed the lag
bolts so the outside would be smooth and even if
still a bit rotten.   Then I surrounded these beds in 14 
gauge sheet metal, angle iron corners and a sleeker
1 1/2" top rail.  It sounds simpler than it was.  There
were four flower beds total, two were 3' x 12' and
2 were 5' x 6'.  We began the day (my helper and I)
at 7:30 AM t my shop, loading tool and supplies and 
the pre-cut metal sheeting.  We finished the job at
7PM and it was 7:30 by the time the truck was
unloaded. Me?  A 12 hour day?  I am retired!,
66 years old and still suffering the effects of Chemo-
therapy.  It was all crazy and I am still tired but
the job was beautiful, fun to do and interesting to
see the difference the steel sides made.  And...
heck, yeah, I can still do it!  Maybe not two days
in a row though!


rama said...

A really cool and interesting job Jerry. I am sure when the flowers start blooming you will be so proud of your work. And remember to post the pictures of the flowers.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

The fruits of your labor will be rewarded when those flowers bloom!!

rama said...

And, how I wish you were my neighbor or I was you neighbor, either way you would have had me bugging you all the time for tips about gardening, and for everything in which you are an expert.

Jerry Carlin said...

We ARE neighbors, Rama! The Internet makes us all neighbors! Thank you!