Sunday, October 6, 2013

It will be exciting!

Wow, Ted Cruz really is out to destroy us and it will be exciting!  Watch the Stock Market Crash!  That will be exciting too!  The 401's and retirement will be worth zip!  Social Security, no those checks won't come and without a budget, no medicare.  No almost nothing!  Think our devalued credit rating can't get lower?  Yes, it can!  If God isn't ready for Armageddon, we will just have to do it ourselves!
Just the THOUGHT of not paying our bills will make the economy grind to a halt!  This is brilliant!  No other nation can defeat us but we will allow Ted Cruz to do it for us!
He is right, you know!  People shouldn't be able to get insurance with preexisting conditions!  and 26 year olds on their parents policy are just plain lazy!  I am against all government interference with our lives!  I vote for an end to Social Security!  an END to Veterans Benefits, and end to medicare and end food stamps and an end to the government building roads and bridges!  Just end government period!
Absolutely NO unemployment!  Paid not to work?  That's crazy!  No government at all.  Period!
Wouldn't that be great?  October 17th will be here sooner than you think!  If you don't express your opinion, someone else will do it for you. 


Clipped Wings said...

I would like the federal government put back where the constitution first placed it...a small entity. I think it is useful, but I don't want my whole life bossed around by it. I don't see land of the free in choice making much anymore. I need to know where the feds gets their credit card. Raising my limit to the moon instead of paying it off works for me, too. Just think of all that good stuff I can buy without any worry of jail time. Seventh heaven ;)

Barbra Joan said...

>>>No almost nothing!<<<

Except that politicians, Prez, Congress , Senate, still getting all the perks they all have had no matter what else happens.
Best of everything, healthcare, 6limoed all over, best restaurants, hotels, family vacations, PLUS no fear of them ever doing with out a paycheck .. they are set for life whether they give a damn or not.
as for Ted Cruz I may not be a big fan,, however from what I understand he is doing exactly what his constituents voted for him to do... and I really don't see the Obama doing anything he would do ... except the healthcare which is crippling and disastrous to our country... Lies, Lies, Lies