Thursday, October 24, 2013

Where is it made?

I have written about Dog Food before but it is worth one more post.  On CNN News last night there was a story about the death of over 500 dogs and over 3,000 getting sick.  Probably far more that went unreported.  The culprit this time was chicken jerky made in China with god knows what in it.  Something sweet and deadly, destroying the kidneys and shutting down the system.
   It is difficult to find Dog Food made locally and hard to find made in USA dog food.  Canada has an even higher standard for the ingredients than we do.  China apparently has none.  Even Brands you think you could trust, like Purina are sourced from China.  Most dog food will not mention where it was made or from where they found their ingredients.
   Interesting, toothpaste is the same way, doesn't say where it was made for most brands!  I wonder what we are putting in our mouth?  One company in China was known to put antifreeze in  their toothpaste because it tastes sweeter!
   We are what we eat, huh?  and if we eat poison or give it to our pets, they die.

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Clipped Wings said...

Cheap is usually made in china. Quality pet food and toys made in the USA, Canada, or Europe cost more. We and our pets are what we think we can afford to buy.