Sunday, October 27, 2013

Who Made That?

Most of us can't even imagine the size of Container Ships they make nowadays, suffice it to say, they will not go through the Panama Canal.  International trade is very big business and we are the largest customer.  Almost everything we buy from art paint to toothpaste is "made in China".  I am protesting this in my house.  Over 600 dogs are dead now and those are just the ones who made it to the vet!  They still skin dogs alive there because it is too much trouble to kill them first.  If you buy a furry toy for Christmas the odds are pretty good that it came from a dog skinned alive in China!  That is just disgusting!
   It is sort of fun finding things made in America and we still make a few things.  Tom's Toothpaste is made in Maine!!!  Crest and all the "other brands" will NOT tell you where they are made!  Dog food and the poisonous dog treats will say "distributed" by some American Company (like Purina!!!) but will NOT say where it is made or from where they got the ingredients!  Doesn't say?  I won't buy it.
   Last year I mostly bought everyone American Made socks for Christmas!  Oh yeah, they weren't ten for ten bucks but they were Great Socks and a year and 50 washes later, they are still great socks!
It is really easier than you think to find items "made in USA", especially over the Internet.  There is Amazon where I buy almost everything now and lots of other places.  Just search for what you want and specify "made in USA".
   Just NOW the FDA is saying, yeah, maybe we should look into what is put in dog food!  Canada is way ahead of us and has the highest standards in the world (according to Petsmart) on what is allowed in pet food.
   I have always been careful and aware of what I add to my garden soil.  Basically, the plants eat the soil and I eat the plants!  I am eating what is in the soil.  No poisons, not even "mild" ones, no sprays, no chemical fertilizers, no magic potions!   Big Agriculture has destroyed the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico with the chemical run offs.  I don't want to do that to my garden and what I eat.
    Food should be healthy, even for my dog!

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Barbra Joan said...

Oh Jerry, I am so nuts about this issue, .
You can't hardly find a thing made in the USA and when I do... it's a real treat.
I cannot even comment on their treatment of animals.. It sickens me to think what those poor creatures endure there.
thank you for posting it though.
People ARE aware of this but they just take the easy way out.. I'm afraid I'm guilty of it too. but I will try better ..