Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We Are Number 18!

Well, somewhere between 14 and 18 depending on the category.   Right behind Botswana in knowledge of World Events, seriously lacking is Science, Math, History and even Technology.
We might be #1 in Apathy, we really don't give a crap.  We don't read newspapers anymore.  We use News as entertainment and only follow up on what reinforces our beliefs.  We have zero knowledge  of why we believe what we do believe and no curiosity.  Everything is just too much trouble.  We don't even cook any more!
   Do you think there will ever be a "Judgement Day"? and will "I didn't know that"? be a sufficient excuse?
   I am appalled by some people who are against "Big Government", these same people who take advantage of Big Government every single day!  Happy to collect their Unemployment checks, happy to get their primary medical care through the Emergency Room, Happy to collect the monthly Social Security Checks, grateful for subsidized housing and food stamps, eagerly sending their kids to State subsidized schools, flying here and there to Government built airports and on and on using services and benefits we have never paid in full from.  That is a benefit for living in a society.  "Small Government"
is for small dreamers or places like Somalia with no government at all.
   We are being held hostage by a minority and if the debt ceiling is not raised it will be disastrous.  It would establish a horrible precedent, allowing for minority hostile takeovers in the future and it would absolutely destroy the faith in America.  Our money, the dollar is as valuable as the world believes it to be.  It is based on faith and our word, as good as our promise.  It does not have to be the world premiere currency and there are some in the world that would like to see it destroyed.  The Russians,   the oil producing countries, the Teabaggers!
   I wonder whether there is a connection to our being #18 in an information test score throughout the World and the apathy we find ourselves in now?  We don't know enough to give a shit and we just plain can't be bothered.  Heck, we don't even cook any more!  Maybe our time is over?  The Great American Experiment, our exploration of Democracy and being a World leader may be finished.


Barbra Joan said...

How can you include Social Security in your statement when you have paid into it..
and the big government is using our money that was supposed to go to a trust fund.. HMMMM?

Jerry Carlin said...

Hi Barbra, glad you are up early this morning! Yes, I paid into Social Security for more than 50 years! But, I got ALL my money back after just Four years and you did too! That is just the way it works! Great, huh?

Clipped Wings said...

Isn't apathy the feeling that whatever one does it will change nothing, so one gives up trying? One would have to be stupid to not take advantage of social security and medicare since the government took the money out of our paychecks with or without our consent. Each choice that is taken away from the people contributes towards the growth of apathy. This white girl living in one of the southern slave states (there were some northern states that were slave states also at one time)finds your views all over the place.