Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sometimes I Wonder...

...What would happen if we turned this whole mess of governing this country over to Walmart?
Walmart is Big Business, Huge Business in fact and not all bad at all.  In fact they have single handedly brought down the price of prescription drugs and other pharmaceuticals had to match their prices.  They have low cost health clinics in many of their stores and they employ millions of people, even sourcing locally wherever they can.  They have helped many small businesses expand their production to become suppliers for Walmart.  They know how to get things done.
   It couldn't be much worse than the system we have now.  We have people in Congress who haven't a clue and let's face it, we don't have a strong dynamic leader who is good at manipulation.  We are going nowhere fast or maybe even back in time.  We have lost 30 Billion Dollars so far with this Government Shutdown and that will be nothing compared to not raising the National Debt.  It is clear to most people that raising this National Debt does NOT increase what we owe.  It only allows us to pay what we have signed on to pay.  It is NOT more bills.  It is money to pay existing bills.  Congress can't seem to get it right.  Without raising the debt there could be a 30% across the board cut in everything, including Social Security, Medicare and our Military.  
   I doubt if Walmart works that way.  I would think they borrow Billions and allow their increased sales to pay their bills.  That is how most businesses work.  In fact money is pretty cheap these days and we should consider borrowing an extra Trillion or more and seriously bring us into this 21st Century  Serious expansion of our infrastructure and industry.  Now would be a good time.
Walmart would do that.
   Just the threat of default has hurt our economy and that of the rest of the world.   The Stock Market is falling every day.  The last time this happened we lost our AAAA+ credit rating and it will be lowered
again.  Like a personal credit rating, easy to lose and difficult to build back again.  Funny, Walmart has a better credit rating that USA!  and we all know that Apple Computer has more money!
   Maybe it is time to give up and turn this mess over to private industry?  I know if we did that at least a lot of people would be fired!  That is the first thing that Private Industry does:  trim the fat, the unproductive, people who can't play well on the team.
   It is all nuts!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

They couldn't do any worse than our current leaders :)

Clipped Wings said...

You've got to be kidding. If money is obligated that we don't have, and in order to pay the interest on that debt (it is a debt), we have to have the limit (debt Ceiling)raised on what we can borrow to pay just the interest on those obligations, we have paid the interest owed by creating another debt, and the original obligation hasn't been paid down at all. At least Walmart's smart enough to have something to sell to make back the borrowed amount and a profit.

Jerry Carlin said...

Hi my friend, listen! The debt is real and already exists. It is not increased by borrowing money to pay it. Say you owe the gs company $20 but you don't have it so you borrow it from the bank. Now you owe the bank $20 but NOT the gas company!

Clipped Wings said...

That's true, the debt increases when you obligate funds without capital, so I take it you are in agreement with the concept of making promises (IOU's)that can only be fulfilled by borrowing money. So we pay that obligation, but we still owe the money to the entity we borrowed it from to pay off an obligation that we could not afford. The debt never decreases, it's just moved from one place to another. I think the fix on this is to stop obligating when there are no funds to back it up, or start bringing in more money so we can actually pay our obligations up front.

Jerry Carlin said...

Yes, of course we agree! How about Fewer Obligations AND "bring in more money"? Let's pay it off!