Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dirty Pictures

 It is latex paint.  I thik it will come off!
I have a couple artist friends and they won't send me dirty pictures of themselves.  It is interesting going to a gallery on opening night and seeing everyone decked out in their finest garb.  I know they didn't look like that when they were working.  My favorite pictures are faces and hands.  I guess you could call me a face kind of guy!  I love seeing artists work.  I like the concentration, the intensity and the emotions of it all.  The isolation where the entire world is forgotten to the task at hand.
   My little gallery is painted!  But there is still a lot to do.  Today is clean up day, pull the paper off the floor, sweep and vacumn.  Then I will do the finish electrical, switch covers and lighting.  I still have to trim out the doors and some baseboard molding and that will require even more painting.  The room itself is all white, very white at that as you can see.  The base molding will probably be white too but I will probably trim out the doors in different colors or maybe even slate.  I am still thinkig about that.
 I did get some on the walls, honest!
   Then I can do the floor and Soozee's suggestion wins out!  1st because she is cool and second because I am on a limitted budget.  I will stain the concrete floors and seal them with a masonry lacquer.  There will be tons of browns and rusty reds in the floor from years of steel work so I will use a greenish based stain and this will give it a mottled marble look.
   My shop is workable, my welding table clear and waiting for a job.  Now I have a beast to feed, all of this remodeling costs money everywhere I turn.  More paint, more this, more that.
But it is inspiring too.  It has never been so clean since the day I built it over 20 years ago.  Next I will attack my office and the adjoining junk room.  So much to do.  It might be Spring before this project is really over.

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Barbra Joan said...

ok Jerry we see you and yes ... it will come off (I think) It's certainly a 'dirty picture ' of you .. love it.. and the mustache too....
I really like the concrete floor .. and sealed sounds great. Don't forget the 'before and after' pics... hugs BJ

SooZeQue said...

Jerry, you're a MESS! You're like the wind tunnel in a Dyson Vac! Spinning around all crazy like. Can't wait to see the floor - sounds like you know what you're doin' that's for sure. Don't forget the sign "GALLERY NOW OPEN"! Seriously, comb your hair! :)

Barbra Joan said...

Sooz,, His hair IS combed ...I've never met Jerry, but I know this would be him...only in long pants instead of cut offs and black socks and sandals. LOL LOL !!

stonepost said...

Thanks, both of you. I am in to Body Painting! That is all thre is to it.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you hard at work???!!! I can't wait to see finished photos of your extraordinary studio space, Jer. Doesn't it feel good to get this done? I'm so excited for you!