Monday, November 28, 2011

Some Photos

The Painting is Done! The lights are up and all of the doors are trimmed out.  The paper protecting the concrete floor is gone and most of the mess is cleaned up.  Next job is to empty the room of anything on the floor, put the ladders back, more clean up stuff.  I am going shopping today!  No, not cyber Monday, I am after concrete stain and some floor sealer.
   This is a table top I made 20 years ago when my metal shop was a wood shop. I want as much floor space as possible but can imagine working on a table. This is designed like an ironing board and folds up against the wall when not wanted.

The butterfly leg folds up tight against the table when against the wall.  Not wanting to wast space I might add some more metal art on the underside of this table to be seen only while it is against the wall.

The door is Blue because I had that paint.  The sink counter to the left is steel framed concrete with an old lamp column as a leg and one of my steel flower pots that used to be a light fixture but is now a sink.  It is a crazy life around my place, anything can be anything.

I am thinking of adding a shelf above this counter but that will be the only permanent type of fixtures in this little gallery space.  The rest is like a whore house, everything is for sale!

It won't be long now, I see the end in sight...for this room anyway!  Next I have to empty the "junk room" adjoining this little gallery space and then, god forbid, my office!

Soon though I will hang a sign:

"Customers Wanted...No Experience Necessary!"


Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, can you come to Florida and design a studio for me?
I love that table folding , the sink .. it's going to be great and yes,, shelving is always good..
I'll be back to supervise .. later BJ

SooZeQue said...

You really have rock & rolled with this gallery of yours! I love when projects keep going like that and you have something to look forward to at the end. But then you're standing there when it's over saying "What the Heck am I gonna do now"! Love the foldup table and the fact that it has a little piece of art under it when it folded up. Nice touch! Keep on Rockin'.

Anonymous said...

What a vision you have, Jerry! I love the table and sink and your ideas are brilliant!