Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We Will Decide

   It is looking more and more as if the Super Committee in charge of decisions concerning the National Debt have just wasted their salaries.  I hate hiring people who can't get a job done!  I think to myself, if they worked for me I would fire the lot of them.  Then it occurs to me that these people are working for me and I cringe!
   The scary part of all of this is Congress can't accomplish anything because it is representative of the American people!  We voted them in.  We are a severely divided Nation and I can imagine Lincoln turning over in his grave.  We won't admit it but the problem is not with Congress.  We are the problem.
We have voted our emotions too many times.  We have voted without knowing the issues, without realizing the consequences, and sometimes we have voted without even realizing what we have voted for.
   In "the old days" we had barbershop conversations, talked on our front  porches, even might have gone to town hall meetings.  In the old days people read newspapers and we had more reliable news on the television.
   For some reason in the past twenty years we have become afraid of political discussions!  Is this because we feel like rats in a maze and there is no cheese?  that we have lost a sense of power?  I don't think so.  I think it is there for the taking.  It would be easier now than ever before to pack a City Hall meeting.  I think we have become lazy.  We don't read.  We don't investigate.  We have lost the art of pondering.  No one made us sheep.  There is no conspiracy.  It is just easier to graze on the grass and go about our day without giving it a thought.  We take the easy way out.
   They are calling this a "do nothing Congress" when they are just doing what we are doing:  nothing.
There will be another election in one year.  We have time to read, to discover, to educate ourselves on the issues.  Time to decide what kind of world we want this to be.
   There are other issues but the Economy will clearly be the biggest one we talk about in the coming year.
The National Debt wouldn't be an issue at all in a good economy.  Do we still believe in the "Trickle Down"
theory?  We get our jobs from rich people so we have to be nice to them?  Yasum Boss Sir kind of mentality?  What is the roll of Government?  Should we really wait until the bridges fall down before we repair them?  Where can we cut money with the least amount of pain?
   I am a bit disappointed with the art community.  I thought we might have a deeper understanding, more insight, more empathy, a clearer vision, a different view.  We are as isolated and lazy as the rest and our "do nothing Congress" is representing of us.  You get what you pay for and you get what you vote for.  How could anyone vote for someone who couldn't find Lybia on a map?
   The future is going to be more of the same because we seem to like it like that.


Kay said...

I was told the other day that I was too political..because I voiced my dislike of the sound bite politicking, and the do nothing Congress. I vote, I always have voted. I read and try to stay up on the issues even though with this "information age" it is getting harder to find truth out there. I hate that the haters and pundits have catered to the baseness of human nature and the crowds follow along, permission to hate and be ugly to others who don't believe the way they do.
I was appalled the other day hearing Cain and Bachman voice their support of torture, and the crowd applauding!!! What is happening here? And why don't the repub. candidates know the issues? Because they have given up their ability to learn the issues, to make decisions and to be decent people upon advice from some shady backroom ne'er do wells.
What happened to being kind, and humane? What happened to our sheeple who have been led to slaughter? I feel so much of the time like I am alone in a sea of crazy.

stonepost said...

You can't learn anything by silencing a discussion, keep talking Kay!

rama said...

In most of the countries there are just 2 parties, that dominate, and both the parties are corrupt to the core, and we citizens have no choice, but to vote for one of these parties. So till the next election whichever party manages to come to power, make all the hay while they can, and the other party is waiting in the sidelines to do the same when their chance comes. It is vicious cycle from which there is no escape, and unless the younger generation are committed and form a new party,the countries would continue to suffer endlessly.
To jump into politics is like jumping into a cesspool, to stay clean in it is impossible I suppose, that is why we have only criticizers and no volunteers for the job.

conservativelybohemian said...

I personally find the whole process futile. When we get a man in office who has principles, who stands on them and isn't afraid to act on them (as we have had in the past), who has access to more information than we do, he is castigated by the majority of people for every action he takes. A man of sound values and principles and a strong personal code of ethics is always a best choice. Unfortunately, when we find that, he is tossed out with the bathwater. A huge majority of our population is plain old stupid. And? I feel that it doesn't matter what I think. Yes indeed, a lazy, I give up mentality. I have it in spades.

freebird said...

I will vote and it will be after looking at issues. For one thing, even though the election will be about the economy, you can't decide on a person solely for what they say they'll do on that issue. One issue voters can mess things up as much as lazy voters in my opinion. I will say it's been interesting watching the Republican? parade of hopefuls get in the spotlight just to fade out. Maybe people shouldn't grasp for things so quickly but stop and listen for a while first.