Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Key Words

I have learned something really cool.  We are being watched!  I don't think by people, it is machinery that is watching us and listening to every word we say.  I thought at first it was the "labels" we enter at the ends of these posts that are the key markers but now I realize that some computer program is is following the content of these posts!  (Insert Nuclear Energy Here).
   I think this is how the CIA tracks our every conversation, bored to tears with most of them but when the occassional cryptic word appears it rings a bell somewhere, in some program and then someone will look at it.  Remember "Teflon" from yesterday?  Now, who is Sara? and how the heck did she know I was talking about...that stuff?  (Enter Radioactive Here!)
   The ad people do this, we all know that  Think "Hot Russian Babes"!  I've been talking about Remodeling My Shop (all in caps to make their program work a little better), and now I am getting ads and e-mails about remodeling stuff, space organizers and shelving units!  Pretty cool, huh?  (Enter Hot Russian Babes Here!)
   Sometimes you can confuse them.  It is pretty easy really and a bit of fun in itself.  (Please don't take me to Jail).  SoozeeQ and I have been talking about porches and neighborhoods and the "good old days" and somebody wants to know who in the heck is this SoozeeQ?  That's right!  She has been "googled"!
(Enter Hot Molten Steel Here!)
   I have noticed this before when in earlier posts I talked about my European travels in my youth.  I didn't make the connection then but noticed I was getting ads for Norweigen Sailing Adventures. (Enter Fountain of Youth Here, Please!).
   Anyone remember "The Three Days of the Condor"?  The Robert Redford movie about lowly CIA workers who in a new high tech world stumbled upon some secret stuff!  They were all killed while Bob was out getting some take out food and now he has to survive and discover what the secret was!
I don't know anything!  It is just interesting. (Delete "waterboarding"  Here).
   Do we really have to be careful?  Afraid of words?  (Enter Mumbo Jumbo Here).
I am going to try a new tactic!  If the advertizers are watching, maybe the government and corporate headquarters, why don't I just tell them what I want?  Wouldn't that just save us a lot of trouble?
I want ads for cheap steel (American Made!), Hot Molten Iron and Cool Ornamental Stuff! and on Tuesday's only when my wife works late, Hot Russian Babes!
   You might have noticed that I sneaked in "key words" (Enter Sneaked In Here).  If I am not here tomorrow you will know not to do this in the future.


SooZeQue said...

That's right we're all being watched. Here come the scammers. So if I post; Looking for Old Adobe House for sale at an affordable Great Price in Good Shape in New Mexico; I should receive someone wanting to sell... right? OK, it's out there. Also, Needed free 1936 Ford/Chevy Hood or door or tailgate. Contact SooZeQue. crack me up. Always thinking about crazy stuff.

stonepost said...

SooZe, you are so brave! Coincidence? I think not! I'll be hunting for a tailgate for ya! and did you want an Ocean View with the Adobe house?

flippertie said...

Then again it could just be that you're using a free blog from google who happen to make gazillions of dollars a year by selling targeted ads...

but that' probably just coincidence..

stonepost said...

Flippertie, this is so cool, how the heck did you find me and who the heck are you? Clearly I am chumming, not knowing what to use for bait and never knowing what I catch when I hook something! I am a little fisherman in a great big pond casting my net upon the waters.

conservativelybohemian said...

Well, hmmm...I could easily tell you were angling for hot Russian babe spam, but now you got me thinking of all the spam email I get. What on earth did I ever say to deserve it?