Thursday, November 3, 2011

Texas Beat Down!

Two Posts in one day, you will probably not even read my earlier one!  OMG, that poor girl in Texas who got her ass beat with a belt handled by her Father AND her Mother!  This is Texas Justice? and implemented by a Judge no less!!!  I can't even imagine this sort of thing, never, ever, never under any conditions!  The Judge AND his wife should be shot for the mad dogs that they are!
   You can find this story on Google, it has pretty much gone viral and so it should.  The girl was 16 years old, had some kind of "developmental disability", not sure what but it makes no difference!  She had committed the crime of downloading some music on to her computer for which her Judge Father AND Mother beat the crap out of her with a belt!  That is just plain insanity!
   Maybe they are Muslims?  Where do people get the idea that beating other people, like maybe your own children, is a good idea?  Nuts!
   Nuts and contagious.  Studies has shown if someone was beaten as a child they are more likely to beat their own children.
   I would think that my kids would have had me committed if I had done that to them.  I would hope so.
This is how beating becomes "acceptable behavior" and how wife beaters and women who allow themselves to be beaten are created.
   I remember joking with my daughters, telling them that they were never good enough to be beaten!
Beating, a whipping like this by BOTH parents is all about control and power in a relationship.  Relationships that are power brokered, based on "might makes right" are stupid, ineffective and nuts!
   God, I would just curl up and die if I did something like that!  How can anyone be so very broken?
I couldn't do that to my dog.

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Tiffiny said...

That is just horrible! I don't think they have to be Muslim in order to do such a thing any religion seems to condone violence.

conservativelybohemian said...

Yeesh, Jer. You hit the nail on the head with the "broken" people comment. That is just it. So many people are broken. Sad, isn't it?