Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Piece of the Pie

It is interesting, watching the "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters.  They are growing in numbers and are all over the world.  It is a protest without leadership and I am not really sure what they are after.  Some are being arrested and I wonder why the bother?  It has to be expensive to arrest someone, the court costs, attorneys,
more police taken away from real crime, jail guards, feeding them, the whole of it.  And then it becomes an issue, doesn't it?  In Syria they shoot them, a bullet from a sniper a half mile away!  Extremes.
   The One Percent have been identified.  They are the ones who make over $700,000 in one year.  Not bad for a forty hour week if that is how they do it. That works out to be $350 per hour.
   These are not the protests of the '60's, not anti-war protests nor voter registration, equality or fighting racism.  These are not the "flower children" of San Fransisco who were just so fed up they opted to drop out.  The new protesters of today are all wearing imported clothing, all have backpacks made in China, carrying their i-phones and netbooks manufactured overseas.  If you removed these foreign items from them they would all be naked!
   It is pretty funny to me, in a strange sort of way.  It is like they have "seeeen the Promised Land" and want a piece of the pie!  They don't seem to be after Truth or Justice or Environmentalism, nothing altruistic at all.
All over the world they want IN!  More big screen t.v's. please.  Yes, I would like it "Super-Sized"!
   Greece now is going to vote for their austerity measures and this has caused the Stock Market to crash.
No one will vote for less when what we want is MORE!
   Where ever did we get the idea that material possessions will make us happy?  Yes, more please.  I want gravy on everything!
   I want to see Paris Hilton, naked, extolling the virtues of American products!  I once read that if we could go One Week, just a week, and stay away from Walmart, not buy anything imported, then we could create a half a million jobs!  We do not need any laws for this, no police, no crowd control, not even a protest.  Just a new slogan, "Don't Do it".
   Christmas will be here soon and Walmart will be packed from wall to wall.  Don't do it.  This year make cookies, find some American made paints and give your art away, support a local artist and buy their works, buy everyone on your list American made towels.  My challenge to you is on Christmas Day dress your best all in clothing "made in USA"! or your own country for my foreign friends.  Tell your friends!  If we all did that we could create over a million jobs!
   So what makes a cool gift?  Any ideas?

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SooZeQue said...

To your last question..... Metal Art. :) Made in the USofA!!!

conservativelybohemian said...

I can't get past you wanting to see Paris Hilton naked. LOL

I dare you to get this grass roots movement going Jer. I'll help. Pick a week.

stonepost said...

Haha! Everybody has seen Paris naked! I want to see her push American products!!! Pick a week? Every week! but one in particular would be the week before Christmas!
Googling "made in USA" isinteresting. We still make stuff. There is a milling company called 1888 Mills, that makes over sized, 100% Organic cotton bath towels for $15, made in USA. and steel art, of course is just perfect!

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

So are delicious "sun"dried tomatoes :-)

conservativelybohemian said...

Speaking of sun dried tomatoes, didn't you promise me some of those, Jer? And remind me again to pay attention to labels. Something one doesn't tend to think of either.