Thursday, November 3, 2011

Two Subjects Today!

Did you ever have just so much to say that you are bubbling over with excitement and can't get the words out straight?
   Our Capitalists system does work and things can change without protesting on the streets, without riot squads and people camping in the parks.  It is the Internet that binds us now, where the people can find their power, where we can share Rants and Raves and a good idea can "go viral".
   I keep mentioning that we do not need more laws, we may not even need more taxes?  We got to this horrible predicament, this horrid economy, this twisted way of living not because of the evil corporations but because of the greed within us that they have taken advantage of.  It is so easy to lament our lack of power while on our way to Walmart to buy more imported stuff to perpetuate this cycle.
   It is so easy to make a change.  Two thirds of our economy is based on us, our purchasing power, what we buy is who we are, is what we want the world to be.  Easy as that.
   Here are three short examples:
   Bank of America will not be charging $5 dollars a month to access our own money!  The protests were few, nothing was destroyed, no police were called.  A lot of people simply switched banks!  Joined a local Credit Union (where they should have been in the first place!) and let their opposition be known by the power of the purse!  It is a lot of power.  We just haven't learned how to use it.
   Netflex also made corporate decisions that "the people" didn't like.  In these horrid economic times they raised prices and people dropped out of their business in droves.
   One Week.
   That is all it would take and the corporations would listen.  Buy only locally made stuff for one week and 500,000 jobs would be created.  One month of this and we would create Two Million Jobs!
   Even Walmart, the largest employer in the world is listening.
   THIS would be an interesting protest:  go shopping, anywhere you like.  Fill your cart with whatever you desire and at the checkout stand, REJECT anything that is not made in the USA.  For a time you would walk away empty handed but that too would change.  Businesses listen.
   And, I did find American Bath Towels on the internet.  A company called 1888 Mills produces 100% Organic Cotton, Over sized Bath Towels, 2 for $27.  Such a deal.
   My goal, for one day, Christmas Day, is to only wear clothing made in USA...or go naked.  Care to join me?
   My other news I will tell you tomorrow!  I have decided to remodel my studio/shop!!!!!


Tiffiny said...

What great ideas! I'm in! By the way you are absolutely right, what's the old saying money talks and bullshit walks. And it's true which is exactly why not buying certain products would change things, and quickly. You need to add the one plus to this post so it can get some attention.

stonepost said...

I give up, Tiffiny, what is 0ne Plus?

Tiffiny said...

It's the share buttons. One of them looks like a #1. When clicked it puts the post up in the search engines.

conservativelybohemian said...

I'm catching your enthusiasm, Jer! I often feel powerless and do exactly what you say. Unconsciously on the second half, but there it is. In all its shameful glory!