Saturday, April 30, 2011

 The Bridge I Cross
Today is just a backyard picture kind of day. So I am showing you photos of my backyard, garden and the studio where I work.
 My Garden in progress
   I am lucky, I walk to work, about a hundred feet from my back door, across this little stone and steel bridge to the front entry to my studio.

This is my garden area next to the studio and a big area of concrete where I do my outside work and display my pieces.  This pair of benches have been sold and found a nice home but this reminds me that I should make some more.  They are steel framed with a concrete bench with slate veneer.
 Trumpet Vine in Bloom
The gated archway to my garden has a large trumpet vine, offering hundreds of beautiful orange blooms for all summer long.
    My garden is mostly Tomatoes and mostly heirloom varieties from seeds that I have saved over the years.
I made, years ago, perhaps the best food dehydrator in the world!  I have the plans for this if you want them!
 Little Garden Plunge Pool
I can dry about a five gallon bucket full of tomatoes at a time.  Dried like potato chips, they are great on a cracker with some cheese.

This is the little garden "Plunge Pool" I built with the help of my daughters when they were eight and eleven years old.  It is three feet deep and about 8' x 14', can be heated but I don't.
My daughters have moved on in life but I got to keep the pool!

There are hundreds more photos of my garden  HERE!


Kay said...

thanks for letting us in your yard! Very nice

Barbra Joan said...

No wonder your so inspired to garden Jerry, who wouldn't be with all of this... ??

Clipped Wings said...

I would like the plans to your food dehydrator to see if it is feasible for me to make. I never heard of drying tomatoes until I met you. Hard to imagine what a dried tomato would taste like. Beautiful garden! I'm trying to figure out some type of bench for my front yard, but it will have to be anchored to keep it from walking away. My neighborhood is slowly sliding into the abyss of property disrespect :(

AutumnLeaves said...

Sigh...what a glorious yard and garden, Jerry. It is magical!