Friday, April 29, 2011

"For Richer or Poorer"...

    I just saw "The Wedding" on Television, at least the critical last ten minutes of it.  Did anyone else notice Kate's smile as she repeated her vows?  I wonder what she is really thinking?  The laws of ascension are complicated to me and I don't understand them.  They are considering changing them but I doubt if they will.
Kate is his Queen but not The Queen, of course, not the Queen of England.  That is Elizabeth, William's Grandmother and she will be a hard Queen to replace.
   I think Elizabeth has lived a long time on purpose.  No one could imagine Charles being King of England.
Everybody loved Diana and wanted her to be Queen even when she was no longer married to Charles.
In the old days it was easier to keep track of who was next in line.  If you could "keep your head" you had a chance and they didn't have messy divorces.  If you didn't produce a male heir you were simply executed.
"Off with their head", that typical British slogan.
    I think William is the once and future King now and Charles is just sort of Dad, out of the picture, but I don't know exactly how that happened or why he was allowed to keep his head about him.  I suspect Kate will become pregers pretty fast or at least if I were William that is what I would be doing.  She needs a son or if something bad happened to William, something that would cause him to lose his head, well then, it would be up to Harry, wouldn't it?
   Of course, if Harry would be King there would be a party and lots to drink!  The problem and advantage to being second in line is no one takes you seriously and you can sometimes keep your head about you while other's are losing theirs.  I like Harry;  I like the name.  Harry King!  I might like William a bit more if I knew him as Bill or when he was Billy if he ever was.  It is so difficult to really get to know these British Royalty.
   It was fun seeing all this on Television.  I could pretend I was there and I was in my pajamas.  I saw Elton was there and Mr. Bean!  Now that's great, I know that Kate has a sense of humor!

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rama said...

Saw the last few minutes, and still watching for all the tit bits of everything about them.I just can't watch the whole wedding for it is too boring and lengthy,instead I slept for 1 hour and came to just watch the final part of the wedding.
I really liked her dress.

Chez said...

StonePost, we have had little choice as 'The Wedding' dominated our 'Free to Air' channels.
I did particularly appreciate the reference to the Holy Spirit in the service and I feel Kate, apart from being very beautiful, is regal and very elegant. A wise choice in my opinion.

stonepost said...

Kate is cool, for sure!, thanks Chez, how are you doing?
Yes, Rama, a bit long compared to mine which took all of five minutes! But we didn't have two Billion people watching either! I knew I should have invited more!

rama said...

Haha Haha very funny!

Kay said...

I keep thinking I should have saved up and spent lots of money on a dress for my wedding 32 years ago! Instead I baked my cake, a roommate iced it. I baked dessert breads, another roomie photographed us, I sewed my own dress. Mom and Dad flew out with a candelabra and paid for my flowers. I made the centerpiece, the invitations and the thank you notes. Then my Mom bought us a set of stoneware dishes which got bashed against the wall in our turbulent first few years!!! I hope the royal couple don't throw their china against the wall..because I am sure it will be very expensive to replace! I have great hope they will make it...

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

What kind of smile did she have Jerry? We were sleeping so I haven't seen anything at all. I'm sure all the South Africans and Zimbabweans are very proud of her.

They called King Henry VIII "Harry" or "Hal", he TOOK heads!!!

I wish you had been at our wedding :-) oxox

Clipped Wings said...

Oh how I love your post today. Just enough tongue in cheek humor to make me smile ear to ear.

AutumnLeaves said...

And I learned that I could be a card carrying member of the Daughters of the British Empire. I mean, family names such as Lancaster (mother's maternal grandfather), Kent (father's maternal grandfather), Alvord (mother's maternal grandmother), Edgar (mother's father) has me a shoe in! LOL I think both of Diana's boys are exquisite looking, especially that Harry. I like him! I believe Queen Victoria was also long lived...As to the off with their heads, I think that was more France and Marie Antoinette! LOLOL Or was it the queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland????