Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Way it Should Be!

I love the Republicans, I mean I really do!  I once had a short affair with one and she was the best.  No, honestly, I was just talking with her.  So their new tax proposal will give a $250,000 additional break to the ubber wealthy and raise medical care for Seniors $6,000 each to pay for it.  This is really as it should be.
Old people are getting too old and there are far too many of them. I read a story on the internet, as opposed to say my grandmother, today's old people don't have anything of value.  My grandparents had really old Victorian furniture and I admit mine is mostly junk.  Whatever old people have they aren't going to take it with them and they should be stripped of every last dime.
     I like the ubber wealthy or imagine I would.  Think how great it would be to make Five Billion a year and be in a fifteen percent tax bracket?  Not pay a dime to transit tax!  Stop paying into Social Security after a mere $116,000! That would be a yearly celebration every January 3rd or 4th!  They do provide jobs though and that is for sure.  My daughter is one of 250 attorney's, each being paid $30 an hour plus loads of overtime, to investigate the beginning procedures in an upcoming lawsuit between two rival corporations!
That's productivity!
    We are told that the small employer is the backbone of America and I know this used to be the case.
I know lots of small employers; I was one myself.  I don't know a single one who makes $250,000 in a year.
Most of them work seventy hours a week and make less than half that amount.  I think they must be waiting for their ship to come in and, finally, after they make their first Billion, they will be thankful for that tax break!
    After we finish getting all we can out of old people we will go after other groups, you can count on that.
The disabled should take care of themselves too, or get family members to do it.  Veterans too, when they come home from the war should realize that it is over.  No more free rides for them!
   Piranha in a fish bowl.  Soon we will eat our young!


Anonymous said...
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stonepost said...

Thanks for putting up with me Pama, NOT off topic at all!!! I had the very same complaints when I had my business and it is one of the things that drove me to early retirement. The middle class businessperson is not rich, works harder and pays more in taxes than anyone. I'm just thinking it might take a little pressure off to raise taxes 3% to the ubber rich who pay less than we do. It is a broken system and until we learn to talk about it, it will never be fixed.