Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Christmas in April

    I have been really busy with doing the little art thingy for the winery and creating a new entry to my studio.
I just plain forgot all about PAMO!!! Mea Culpa for sure I just didn't have my priorities in the correct order.
If I were clever I would link this site to hers, but I am not and you will just have to do the leg work. She is on the blogs I follow and well worth a visit.

As you can see I am gently opening it to discover a package within a package!
   It seems months ago that we decided to exchange presents of some kind. a piece of my heart kind of thing, a bit of art between our houses.  She set up rules for me. Can you believe that?  Rules?  Me?  Something "about the size of a post card", so I created something from the debris around my shop and mailed it off to her.  Then I just plain forgot about everything!
This morning on my doorstep is a package from FedEx and I am thinking that I didn't order any steel, what could this be?
Viagra always comes in a plain brown package and for a whole weeks worth it is a bit bigger and heavier, so I knew it wasn't that.  My hot russian babes photos always come in a flat parcel, also clearly unmarked and never wrapped in red.  I am thinking how can the internet be so smart?  How do they know that red and blue are my favorite colors?  Do they know about the russian babes?  My friendly Canadian Viagra salesperson
(Helga) has always promised me discretion!
    I continue this gentle unwrapping process and my heart is pounding.  I really haven't done any drugs since the '60's, could this be my friend from Afghanistan?  No!
 Original PAMO Art! and a BOOK!
   It's from PAMO! and now I am rich beyond my imagination!
I am off to the frame shop today as this is certainly "suitable for framing"!  PAMO, I can't say thank you loud enough!
AND a book! "Twice Weekly Letters", by Robert Genn with thousands of his blogs to friends and fellow artists.  An idea gold mine!  Thank you for this too!!!
   Christmas in April.

My concrete pour is HERE


Kay said... much fun! I love getting packages..Have a great day

Anonymous said...
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AutumnLeaves said...

Wow! Who doesn't love Christmas in April? Blue pills and Russian babes and Swedish masseuses aside...? LOL Lovely gifts for a lovely guy.