Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pot in My Garden!

 Copper center planter and two stone planters at the back of my garden.
Well, the headline is to catch you they are really pots, flower pots and I have a lot of them.  I counted them yesterday as I was cleaning them, painting others and placing them around my garden.  I have thirty-two of them and they all hold over five gallons of soil and some many times that.  Twenty of them are from recyled light fixtures that I ressurrected from the dump but others I have made myself.  Some are expensive costing me over $300 and others were just about free.
 One of 14 fuchsia plants in my courtyard
Dabs of color are everywhere along my garden paths and like an artist controlling vision, they are the backdrop to this garden canvass.  At the end of my garden I have them seven feet in the air and although it is physically possible to see past this to my neighbor's house, the eye always stops at this wall of "Wave Petunias".
   As you leave my house to cross my bridge to enter my garden area you first enter a little courtyard of filtered sun where you will find 14 fuchsia plants in seven pots about four feet off the ground.  They are always beautiful and thriving and huge, giving you anticipation of what is to come.
   Every year I do it a little differently and this year I rebuilt the main entry to my garden, creating a concrete curb to separate the garden from the walkway.  This area is about 30 feet long and I have placed pots all along the way at varying elevations.
 In my shop.  One of my painted pots!
Behind these pots is a fence structure which will become a wall of green beans, creating a "secrete garden" and encouraging your curiosity.  It is going to be fun this year!

You can see more of my garden HERE!


rama said...

With spring in the air, your garden must be looking forward to your ideas of decorating them in new colorful dresses. They are really lucky to have such a good gardener to look after them.

stonepost said...

Thank you, Rama! It is amazing how that works! I am nice to my garden and she is nice to me!

Anonymous said...
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Barbra Joan said...

Oh Jerry, no matter how much I painted I'd never be able to capture the beautiful space you have here.. I could just sleep there all night.. right out side..
I'm do grateful and happy that you are well enough to take care of it.. It;s going to be a great summer for you.. The beans will be sprouting, the flowers will be beautiful and you might even grow that "Perfect Tomato' .this year.
BJ .