Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pots in My Garden

 Pots near secondary garden entry

 Flower Pots on my Garden Wall
 I have a lot of flower pots scattered throughout my garden.  Most of them were once light fixtures,
the type you might find in a school gymnasium, made from porcelain covered steel.  I once found at the local scrap yard a whole truck load of them

 about to be ground up and sent to China!  I bought them all, about 60 of them, took the light assembly out, made stands for them and turned them into flower pots!  Most of them I had powder coated the primary colors but some I painted myself.  They are pretty big, about 19" across and 14" deep.  I love them and kept 20 for myself, selling off the rest to good homes, I hope.

As you know, most of my garden is tomatoes, that is my lot in life, perfecting the tomato plant!
But I do like flowers and have them everywhere,

Painting on one of my flower pots!
even seven feet in the air!

Spring is here and every year about this time I plot and plan my garden, always with the task to make it a little better than the year before.  My garden is one huge canvas and where I do my best art!
More of my Garden is HERE


Ruby said...

Recycle, reuse! Good for you; what wonderful and original flower pots; true complements to the flowers they display.

Wow, Jerry, how can you improve on what you show us here! A garden paradise; no need to wander anywhere when one could look at your glorious landscape! Congratulations.

rama said...

Yes a really lovely garden of plants, a feast to t the beholder.
I really admire all the pots and the beautiful flowers hanging out of them.

SooZeQue said...

You had me at "Scrap Yard"! My heart went all a flutter. Your garden is luscious and love those pots.

Barbra Joan said...

OMG Jerry, you just know how much I love this.. I could sit there and paint all day. It's like a mini paradise.. oh, Go ahead and grow the perfect tomato, I'll take the flowers !! BJ

Clipped Wings said...

I bet it will be a masterpiece even before summer arrives!

AutumnLeaves said...

Jerry Jerry quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Quite beautifully! I love that you rescued the pots from those light fixtures and they work swimmingly! I have to say that your garden is so very lush and gorgeous!!