Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Gate

One gate is finished. Now I have to copy it to make the pair, creating this large 22 foot entry. The first gate is the fun one to build. I won't do a job any more without being given a lot of "artistic license". Oh, I will get the size right and the basic shape and some of the desired elements but until I give it to you and you have paid for it, it is my gate and I do what I want.
I never increase the cost. It is whatever I said it would be, but I will stand back and add whatever I think it needs to be the very best gate that I can make. I create things on a vertical plane, like on a huge artist's easel. I don't like welding hovering over table. I am not a fabricator copying from a set of plans. I stand away from my work and have a good look at it and see what it needs to become.
Most of my gates are arched (thank you Rome!) offering the strongest design possible. I don't like wiggly gates. Where this gate will call home it needed to be flat across the top. You will see that when I post the installed photo! So its strength becomes the integral part of the design.

A person will be able to stand on the far end of it, away from its hinge side and not be able to bounce. That is always the mark of a good gate. I have seen poorly designed gates that cannot carry their own weight and I know the Romans are crying!


Barbra Joan said...

Alright ... so I know it will be an artistic creation... Thats you..
I'm anxious to see this creative production and why is it important? Because its the first work you've done after slaying the dragon!

Barbra Joan said...

So NOW you post the picture.? What can I add, I knew it would be work of art. Really it is !!! and yes the Romans would be very proud..
Just think, unlike your paintings on metal that go bye, bye into space, This will be here long after all of us..

rama said...

Looks very good Jerry. Can't wait to see the finished product. This year is treating you well, and that is way it is going to be from now on wards.

Anonymous said...
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Chez said...

I know you said we have 'met' now Jerry but I am greedy. I want more? Love to be able to put in an order for a 'masterpiece' for myself.
Gate('s) looking good!!

Maundering mutterer said...

You are so much more than a craftsman! Oh, the craftsmanship is great, but you're an artist too... and you have a good mostache!

Clipped Wings said...

Like your comments to Maundering Mutterer, so had to check you out for myself. Art, gardens, cooking, and such positiveness. Definitely worth a follow.