Sunday, January 2, 2011

Investment in Art

I like to think that Art is what I do. Good Art is when you buy it and my "Great Art" is when you can sell it for more than you paid. A lot of what I do cannot be reproduced for any price.

They are from found flotsam and jetsam, discarded items given new life. Other pieces I have struggled with, maybe creating something you like but I am not willing to do it again. Still other pieces contain copper and that price has tripled. Three feet by five feet of copper plate is over a thousand dollars now. That alone makes my art an investment!

I don't think it is difficult to teach art. I think we just don't put much value in it. Even our own children's art is relegated to the refrigerator. That same piece, framed and on the living room wall would look better and be better and say more. Art is the first subject to get cut in school, then drama, and Shakespeare and literature. All the unnecessary things.

I like to think that Art is an investment. A key of some kind to open the doors of appreciation, eagerness and passion, the love of life.


Barbra Joan said...

Art is more than just liking it's color, technique or subject.
I have never understood 'sofa art', something people buy to match their decor... Art should stir a memory, a place, or time in your life whether it be happy or sad.
Yes, it should be a key that opens what is inside your soul, your heart or a dream.
I'm most happy when someone who buys one of my pieces tells me that it reminds them of a time, place or experience. It makes it a bit easier to part with something that I put a bit of MY heart and soul into.

Ruby said...

Well said indeed! Bravo!

You have said it all right here, I can think of nothing to add!

Kay said...

I totally agree..'nuf said

T.K. said...

Your absolutely right. Our society no longer values one of the most important expressions of who we are.

By the way I love the piece in the photo.