Friday, December 31, 2010

Galleries are Closing...

The Art Galleries all up and down this valley I live in are closing their doors, one after the other, like a cold wind is coming. I have had my "stuff" in a couple of them and know they are run by caring and dedicated people. They are expensive to operate. The lease on the building, maintenance, employees, wine and food for opening nights, it all adds up. Most artists hate the process of selling their own work, haggling over dollars, reducing their art to a value per hour.

We need the enthusiasm of the gallery operators who can put the artist and client together.

Artists are hit first, hardest and longest by a recession. There is no room for art when the cupboards are bare and money is dwindling. We lose the galleries and some good artists because of this recession. They will find other things to do, putting their talents on hold. Survival becomes an issue.

I like to support artists in the little ways that I can. I buy nothing from China; I am not a good customer of Walmart. I buy cards and calendars and prints and hand-crafted items from artists who make these. Sometimes it is just encouragement. I think an artist might make $5 from a $25 calendar. I like to think that I encourage a dream.


Kay said...

I like what you wrote. It has been a tough time. I too try to buy local art...every little bit helps. Have a happy healthy new year

Ruby said...

I don't look at my art as a 'means to survival'. I will never become wealthy or attain notoriety from my art production ... but hey, its out there, hung in a co-op gallery and I am thankful some people see and appreciate enough to purchase.

Like you, I try so to avoid products not produced in Canada or the U.S. It is becoming more and more difficult however ... there always seems to be at least 'part' of the product produced elsewhere.

Love your pictures and the magic you create with metal.

May the New Year bring success and happiness to your door the entire year.

Nice having met you in the 'blog world'

Happy New Year to you and yours.