Saturday, December 11, 2010

Accidental Art

Much of life is accidental, could have gone either way or not at all. On my other blog I tell of stealing a ring from the Lake Gods and that is perhaps the first time I had a sense of power.

Artists are always doing this, defining things; we capture and confine, duplicate and interpret.

It is not enough to see and just be. We want to create and become a part of it all. We want to put our art into things and us into the art. We are after something.

Not all of it is by design. The first dripped paint was an accident. I make do with what I have

in my metal shop. I like scrounging, finding different uses for common objects. I love shapes and patterns if they are not too repetitive. I like to create the unseeable, not thought of things.

I may accidently find something but when I put it into my art it is on purpose.


Barbra Joan said...

This should have been a keeper, Jerry. Scrounging is good, but you need to hold onto some like this one.

Maundering mutterer said...

This one is so earthy... You do designer accidents :)