Sunday, December 5, 2010

It is a Small World

I do admit that I love the Statistics part of this blogging world, especially the World Map.

Countries turn Green when someone from there looks at your blog. It is a greening of the world and people of artistic persuasion can check in with each other. We are not alone by a long shot.

Your art may be different from mine and in fact because of the nature of artists, for sure it is.

We are all trying to make something, express a joy, uncover a tear, find beauty in the common

or wonder at the unusual.

It is easy for America and Canada to turn green I have a lot of friends on this continent but I am acquiring others! Australia turns green and countries in Europe and Nepal, India, Pakistan and Russia! I don't know you by name unless you leave a comment but I know of your visit and that we are kindred spirits, always hunting for a little light in the dark and a friend with whom

to continue this journey.

Thank you all who visit and especially those who stopped long enough to say "I was here".


Barbra Joan said...

Well, of course you know I'm here Jerry. Florida is green already and like the faithful friend Tonto I am here daily... . different tecniques yes, different meduims yes, kindred spirits yes, and under it all that little spot in the heart that says we are the same. Thanks for your blogpost today.

rama said...

So am I from India, practically every time you write something, so even i leave a comment or not , you would know that if it shows green from India , it could be only me, unless you have more friends in India.
Happy blogging Jerry!