Friday, December 10, 2010

One Hand Clapping!

I live in these, they are my friends. I sleep with them on. These are rabbit fur-lined gloves and I take them off for the bathroom and while on this computer otherwise I wear them all the time.
My hands never feel good, always as if I am stirring a bucket of cut glass. It is the prize I won with my voodoo chemo-therapy that cured me from cancer! I am a winner and have this neuropathy in my hands to remind me of the whole ordeal, my cancer battle!
One doctor says that in eight years they will heal themselves, another says that in eight years I will have gotten used to it. In the meantime I am not waiting. If I do nothing they hurt and if I use them they hurt. The gloves help a lot.
So I am returning, doing what I like to do, painting a bit and I have some welding ideas, things I need to be doing. It is part of who I am. To have a good day I need to stand back and say, "I did that!" So soon you will see some iron wok on this site!


Edwin said...

It will indeed be good to see some ironwork posted soon. It is always good to see how you transform a rusting pile of crap into something beautiful and worthy of admiration.

rama said...

It is a good sign Jerry that you have accepted it. If you had not accepted and were constantly giving it importance , it would never leave you, now the time has come for it to leave you,because you are no longer bothered about it.
Have faith in your yourself and your remarkable work, and nothing in this world can ever dare to bother you.
Everyday you are in my prayers.

T.K. said...

Have you tried any alternative healing therapies, sometimes they do work wonders. Just a thought.

Ruby said...

A terrible plight indeed for an artist such as you to be unable to use one's hands.
Eight years is a long time to endure such affliction.
Surely you would think with all our modern medical methods and all natural healing products on the market something could be found.
Will have to research this.

Meanwhile, good for you. At least you are not allowing yourself to be 'stopped'!