Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Little Piece of My Heart

.....literally! Most of my art is in steel and I cut myself all the time, leaving my DNA on each project I make. Now I wear gloves because the Neuropathy in my hands won't allow closer contact. I never wore gloves before the cancer, always wanting to get as close to my work as possible. I mostly weld vertically, my pieces tacked to a steel frame in my shop, much as an artist would paint. I like to weld a bit, adding this or that, and stand back and have a look. I like that perspective and the idea that I am making one huge giant picture. I like to touch what I am making, feel what it needs to be and create as I go along. I can get lost really easily while I am in my shop working on these pieces. Time stops or floats or zaps by in an instant. It makes no difference, it is not part of me. Who I am and what I do is in each piece I create and as it goes from my house to yours, you are litterally taking a piece of me with you!


rama said...

That is the spirit Jerry, and I really admire you for that. It is very easy to give up, and fail, but it is very difficult to stay on track and keep moving on.
Cheers to you Jerry!

Ruby said...

I can't say it enough. Amazing! What you create with metal is absolutely amazing; unique, beautiful to behold.

Yes, gloves are difficult aren't they. You just can't "feel" the same.

Love this piece.