Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Year's Resolutions?

I feel as though I have been given one more opportunity, one more chance to reinvent myself. I have survived that cancer thing. I almost got run over by a freight train, but didn't.

I once fell sixteen feet off a Church roof onto the concrete below. No soft landing there, and I went on to have lunch! I put my hand into an electrical panel and was thrown clear across the room and got to laugh that one off. Years ago, remind me to tell this story, I was sick beyond belief and the doctors could not even find out what was wrong with me. I was tricked into going to a "faith healer" (I have no faith like that, or at least didn't at the time) and was cured instantly! Seriously. Ten minutes later I was in perfect health after a two week bout with I don't know what. I was supposed to be dead when I was two years old and my brother saved me with animal crackers! Saved by cookies! That is a true story too although I don't remember it. I am sure there were lots of roads I could have taken, maybe even started, that had I travelled them would have been my doom.

I have liked Art all of my life but didn't "do art" until my fiftieth birthday. No near death experience there except that I gave up a successful construction business that was killing me.

One day I just woke up and threw it all away, deciding if I weren't to do it then, when was I going to do it? When would life be perfect and really allow me to do what I wanted? There are two problems with this reasoning: defining "perfect" and knowing what you want.

I am thinking, for my New Years Resolution, on both these blogs of mine, I will investigate

these two issues for me: perfection and knowing what you want out of life. They will clash like school girls but maybe end up dancing like butterflies!


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Ruby said...

It is indeed strange the mishaps we manage to encounter and survive as we stroll through this life isn't it. I wonder why we have managed to survive them .... it seems to me you survived more than your share!

"Perfect"! There is no "perfect" ... anything, is there? You will be tackling difficult topics. Look forward to the reading.

T.K. said...

Great post, I can identify with the electrical shock and getting a laugh out of it. Only mine wasn't accidental it was pure stupidity. I once stuck my finger in a light socket with a wet rag while cleaning it and got a hell of a shock. I couldn't stop laughing afterward because I couldn't believe I actually did something that stupid.

Knowing what you want in life is a tough one, let us know what you figure out, and please do share about the faith healing, sounds interesting.

Maundering mutterer said...

PErfection must surely be very boring - so the perfect life must surely be imperfect?

I love the vibrant red in the painting.

And I'm glad you made it.. through everything!