Sunday, December 12, 2010

"A Candle Loses Nothing... Lighting Another Candle." What a great quotation and I have no idea who first said it, making it all the better. Gifts should be free of expectations.

A lot of artists are secretive with their creations and won't share their methods, their recipes,

the way they do things. Color on metal, a particular patina can be a difficult process. It used to be a crime, punishable by death, to teach metallurgy or anything about the metal arts. A good sword was tempered by thrusting it into the stomach of a willing slave. It is difficult to get good help these days.

I like iron work that stops traffic or at least slows it down. The choice is to appreciate this art and wonder who made it or to drive on by without giving it a thought. In a shared gallery space

one good exhibit is not enough. The tempo is set by peoples' expectations. I want everyone to be their best and the crowd to move slowly.

I have been copied, sure, but more often I have raised the bar and given motive for other metal artists to do their best. Not so much better than I am but better than they were. I love the transition from being a fabricator to becoming an artist. It is an honor when they show me their work.


rama said...

Such beautiful quote Jerry. It reminds me of a song in Hindi,the language of India; Keep lighting lamps from one lamp to the other, and let the love flow like river Ganges continuously forever...

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, a wonderful post today. Passing on a knowledge is so rewarding. Sharing everything from a recipe to love, what could be better. I know what your saying about some who hold onto their 'secrets' . I've never understood that either.
I had the privelege, and I mean privelge to teach art (watercolor) to a community of seniors.
It was a joy to see the expressions of "I Got It" on them. Their appreciation was a beautiful thing.
Not even when I won awards for my own work did it feel that fulfilling. I plan on teaching again here in this community.

T.K. said...

What's the old saying, plagiarism is the greatest compliment. Copying other artists is how people learn that particular form or medium. All you have to do is walk through a museum, there is always someone trying to draw a famous painting in the same way the original artist did. It's how we learn. The fact that others are copying your work is an amazing compliment to your art and I think it's great that you see it in that light.

Maundering mutterer said...

'You can't get good help these days'... I'm laughing so hard I can barely type