Thursday, December 16, 2010


If you believe you can't soon enough you won't be able to. Faith is the beginning to everything. It is the second step that is most difficult, the allotting of time. So often we assign this task to others. The doctors make the appointments and we will be there. The television show we like to watch is at eight o'clock and we will be waiting. The alarm clock goes off and we will get up and adjust our day to meet the expectation of others. When I decided at fifty years old that I wanted to learn to weld I had to get up earlier. It is true that practice makes perfect.

Time becomes an empty vessel we are eager to fill. The trick to doing art is to rearrange the clock, reset your priorities and save time for yourself. Be obligated to it. A good friend of mine built a yacht and sailed around the world. He knew that this was a daunting task that few could achieve and demanded of himself only two hours a day. This is a discipline he made manageable

in small increments. Two hours a day, even when he didn't feel like it. Especially when he didn't feel like it. It is this beginning that is difficult. Once started his two hour dedication would stretch and I have seen him working by flashlight late into the evening.

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Anonymous said...

“Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”

What a beautiful spirit you have, I'm very proud that you are my friend :-)

Ruby said...

Good post! I've always believed in 'possibilities', and with a little work and effort one could achieve their dream if one but believed.
However, having said that, you've set me musing over my current situation where 'possibilities' seem to be unreachable.
Maybe I just need a shot of 'faith'! Your post leaves me much to ponder.

T.K. said...

This is great advice. The whole saving time for yourself, is something I need to teach myself to do. I always set my projects aside if someone else needs me for something. I think I'll take your advice on this and rearrange my clock.