Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hang Art

I don't have the hang of these new Blog features, and maybe this photo will not come out as intended.  Anyway, I think it is ironic that I call this blog "Hang Art" and here are my big gates ready to be hung! They are done and out of the shop and today they will be installed. They weigh about 250 pounds each and should last longer than I will.  That is the guarantee anyway. On Monday I will post the installed picture for your approval.  Never seen one like this before, have you?  Me neither, except in a dream, that is why I built it. It is not particularly expensive.  I have built much smaller gates for a lot more money.  It is actually a simple gate but finds its distinction in the copper panels and the center stainless steel panel.  It is well built with complete welds and structural steel throughout.  I think it will get noticed and that is how I find work, word of mouth, the best advertising there is! 


rama said...

Best gate Jerry.

Ruby said...

Simply beautiful ... and beautiful in its simplicity.


Can't wait to see them installed!

Barbra Joan said...

Artistic and strong. It will stand the test of time and age gracefully ..It's You !!!

Clipped Wings said...

I'm impressed. Very beautiful. I would love to have one of your gates, but unfortunately it would make my fence cry to have such beauty attached to it's utter homeliness. But, then again, it might create a sense of extreme worth to have it's ends adorned in such beauty.

SooZeQue said...

That gate is huge and awesome. Will the copper turn green or did you spray it? If that doesn't draw some attention then everyone drivin' by is asleep at the wheel! Great Work!

Chez said...

I would feel so safe and secure behind gates like those Jerry!
I find the copper panels particularly appealing; just like you.
Do you normally have 'visions' such as the dream in which you saw something similar?