Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am on a Roll...

     I went eight months without working in my shop, part of the fun bi-product of cancer, and part due to this lousy economy.  I have been busy this past two weeks and completed two nice jobs which are now at the powder coater getting painted "silver vein", a black and silver combination.  They will be gorgeous.  Iron work is traditionally black because for thousands of years it was made on a forge and touched with beeswax to inhibit rust.  That process always turned it black and the color just became traditional.  For outside work I still prefer the traditional black.  It just seems right that way and it is an easy color to touch up when the inevitable rust does appear.  And it will.  It is one of the very few quotes from the Bible that I know.  If a customer asks me if it will rust I always guarantee them it will, says so in the Bible!  I think part of the charm of very old ironwork are the layers upon layers of paint.
     Inside work is a little different.  These pieces are not exposed to the weather and not subject to rust.  There are about a thousand colors to choose from and over the years I think I have used them all.  Silver vein and copper vein are probably my favorite but I have done them in bright red and every primary color.
White is my least favorite because it never stays that way and shows every speck of dirt.
     Nothing is perfect but powder coating is pretty close.  Think of the paint job on your car or a brand new bicycle.  In fact it was a bicycle racer who invented powder coating.  He wanted that smoothest, no friction ride as was possible.  Powder coating is just that, a powdered paint is sprayed over the surface and then the piece is put into an oven and the paint melts evenly and into every crack and hole.  It always comes out beautiful.
     My next job which I will begin today, is an arbor, and it will be in rust.  I like the natural just plain rust surface too.  It is flawless to begin with and never needs maintenance.  My arbors are strong, not like the imports that come in a cardboard box that won't even support themselves let alone a vine.  Each side is "L" shaped and has 3 legs which are set in concrete.  The roof varies depending on the setting, but a steep gabled Victorian is my favorite.
     Three jobs, one right after the other, makes me so happy but I don't think it is a sign that the economy is turning around.  I could wait weeks or months for the phone to ring with that next job.  I will build up my Spring inventory during this time and get ready for the garden art shows.
 One of my arbors in rust.
My work can be seen Here.


Barbra Joan said...

As Spring rolls in you will be getting more work than you can handle.. my prediction..... and don't you forget who said it... !!!

SooZeQue said...

Love the Arbor. I'd like to make one soon that's very organic looking out of rebar (love rebar) twisted and bent with metal flowers & insects all in it. RuST of course is my favorite color. Can't afford the powder coating.

rama said...

Remember you were saying you have not got enough work sometime before Christmas, and see from that time itself you started getting so many orders to make feel so proud and happy.
Be on the roll always Jerry.

Ruby said...

Thank you for sharing your working processes. What a wonderful arbour. From the work you show us I can understand why you have three orders in a row.
Your finished pieces show the thought and consideration you give to each one.
I'm not surprised you have three orders back to back!

AutumnLeaves said...

That is one gorgeous arbor, Jerry. I love the side pieces too; gives it a more finished and polished look. Thanks for the mini lesson on powder coating, too. That is so cool! I so hope that the work keeps coming for you.

Kay said...

such a wonderful arbor. Congrats on the work. Hope it keeps up!