Sunday, March 20, 2011

I-Pad shortage, OMG!

   It is nice to awaken in the morning and not discover the ocean at my front door. Japan and their troubles are still bothering me. I feel powerless.  I suppose there is not really much I can do, and in doing nothing it will pass, for me, "like it never happened", something read in a newspaper.  Just another tragedy to add to the accumulation of human misery.
   The headlines scrolling across the top of my computer warn of shortages.  The Japanese might starve and we might have a shortage of I-phones. Damn!  Pretty inconvenient that.  I suspect that I will be okay since I don't really know what an i-phone is.  I still have my land-line, the same phone number for almost 40 years, but there will probably be other inconveniences to discover.
     I am curious about property laws in Japan.  In much of the world a property's debt is connected to the buyer and if it devalues you still own the debt.  Not here, we can return the keys to the bank and walk away!
Can you imagine, your house is scattered all over the place, unrecognizable pieces mixed along the beach,
and you still have to pay the mortgage?  I believe insurance policies for earthquakes and tsunamis are difficult to get in Japan and have a record of paying twenty cents on the dollar when you do have one.
    That is all probably just a little problem to them right now, their food is radioactive.  No longer compared to one x-ray, they are talking cat scans now, like 400 x-rays!  I wonder if the i-phones will be radio active now?
     It is interesting how the world goes on and it must, of course.  But pausing is good too, we are given a chance to discover what is really valuable.  I wonder, if I had a twenty minute warning, what three items I might take with me?  What of all the stuff in my house and my shop would be worth carrying?
   An interesting game I played in college goes like this:  if you could place three items on a card table to represent you, what would they be?
This is what I do!


Anonymous said...
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stonepost said...

Pamo, thanks for playing! me too!
me too! the same kinds of things: a very fine, cut crystal and very broken glass (same reason!) It would need to be an elegant glass though to represent my good intentions although misplaced. Then for art,probably tomato seeds, maybe some I harvested myself, that could be representative of growth, nature, hard work, a wish for a nice season and calmer days ahead. And last, a bone. The first present I ever gave my wife. I found an old bone washed up on the beach, small but not broken, whole and ocean polished, beautiful even into death. I connected it to a scrap of leather and I still think it is her favorite necklace!

Anonymous said...
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Barbra Joan said...

An album I made with all of my son Louis' photos/wallet/,--- my critters, (4) and one piece of art? probably the 'Sophistication' my personal favorite. None of those could be replaced or bought.

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

I've had to change my list now Jerry since we last played this game, because I have a very precious copper disc with 3 butterflies attached to it. With that I will still keep my Paper Nautilus shell that I found on my beach and the blue geode Ted sent to me from Holland.

I could always create art with sand which is as ephemeral as all my paintings are, and I have enough Shakespeare and Whitman memorised so I wouldn't need those books anymore. My mind would carry all of my favourite pieces of Beethoven and Mozart. I've been fortunate enough to have heard and read these things which I carry with me wherever I go.

We do not need "Stuff"!

Kay said...

the turquoise earrings my Dad gave me along with the story he copied in his lovely hand tucked inside the box., my laptop (my addiction, but it has all my photos!), my dogs..this is hard!!!! I am way too attached..maybe I should rethink this!

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

I don't think you are Kay, to love your dogs so much is a wonderful and admirable thing.

Unfortunately if there comes a time when you are forced to let go of those that you love so much, the pain of leaving them remains every day of your life. I hope that you never have to make that decision.

AutumnLeaves said...

Your words strike right, Jerry. I'm in complete agreement.