Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kitchen Chatter

     Most Blogs are not earth shaking and mine isn't either. Followers drop in and drop out, gain or fain an interest, sometimes happily join in on the conversation and other times slink away, thankful to be unnoticed.
Some get literally thousands of "hits" and dozens of comments and I wonder what their trick of attention is?
    I am reminded of my High School Days, the Rally Squad and the Popular Students and wonder whether there is a connection?  I never learned the art of being popular.  I thought I got it right when I joined Facebook and had hundreds who befriended me!  How did they even know me I wondered? Sure, why not!
I would always click "yes" and then actually and really go to the trouble of checking them out on their page and I was always left wondering, why did they pick me?  I left "Facebook" because of the Movie, the advertising and they started to put restrictions on me!  Not ONE of my "friends" has ever written me, wanting an update.  They were "Facebook" friends and not in the real world.
    Blogging is a little different and I really have a handful of friends who will write me personally or leave a personal comment to me for the world to see.  That is pretty amazing and it is a slow gradual process, like strip poker or "truth or dare".  We learn to be comfortable with trust.
   Andrea has me figured out.  I am fishing in a very big pond and sometimes she has caught me "chumming",
throwing bait into the waters to see what I could catch!  I do this not out of any disrespect but because I am not a consistent fisherman, not familiar with these waters and have an arsenal of bait.  Sometimes in disturbing the lake the really big fish will come to the top.  I can fish naked (fly fishing, not with worms!) and that doesn't bother me.  It seems as though I talk about a million subjects, sometimes a scattered shotgun approach to fishing.  None of us are single people.  We are complex human beings.
   In High School I only had two friends.  Half of them are dead (I could tell that story!) and the other guy
just drifted and we went different ways.  I belonged to no clubs, not really athletic, not much of a team player at all.  I had one girlfriend although I never kissed her and she killed herself, there is another story!  Most of my stories I have told so I admit I am now left with chumming with dynamite!  Sometimes that works and other times it fizzles.  I admit that I am after reactions.  Stirring the waters.  Unbalance in an unbalanced world.  In reality I am after what you are after, sure footing on the slippery rocks.
    I am not good at kitchen chatter, just being pleasant and oh so nice.  I wonder what would happen if you took all the names from the comment section and removed them?  Much like a final exam where the papers are numbered to prevent prejudice, would they be interesting?
 One of eight varieties that I grow in my garden
    Gardening season is approaching, so be looking for that as a subject line.  I consider myself an expert on heirloom tomatoes and organic gardening.


Anonymous said...
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stonepost said...

Wow, Pamo, now I am going to cry!
I will look back to see what I possibly could have said to make you think that! I am sorry for your father, yes him more than you!
You are a survivor, have a funny husband, supporting and loyal, you make funny cartoons and understand cats! Those are all such huge plusses to come from ashes, destruction, criticism and the bleak side of life. That is the life your dad was in the thick of and it must have enveloped him until he became it. That is sad, and even sadder if he never knew his loss.
My dad was never my companion, I never played "catch" with him, but we talked a lot about just about everything. Talked enough that I know that listening is sometimes more important! I love you Pamo..!

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

Somebody told me something about overcoming pain Pamo. In order to have true peace, first you have to forgive your father and all of those who have done terrible, hurtful things to you.

This next part is even more difficult - you have to forgive yourself for permitting them to do this to you. Not easy!!!

How do you forgive the disempowered child within who could not fight back but only suffer the cruelty which continues to torment throughout one's life???

Nobody has been able to answer me this question.

stonepost said...

There is true evil in this world and evil unto children is probably as bad as it gets. Not far from me a 15 year old girl died, weighing only 57 pounds, beaten and tortured for years by her mother!
A death penalty case for Oregon!
I don't know any kind of anguish like this, can't even imagine it. It is a world out of mine.

rama said...

I agree with you, our blogs are really not earth shattering,( all the earth shattering is happening around the world, not in the blog world).
Who cares how many hits we get, a blog is a place to share our feelings or maybe jot down our random thoughts, and if some of our friends can relate to them they will definitely let us know.
Have a great day, Jerry.

Anonymous said...
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Clipped Wings said...

I love tomatoes with flavor, and I look forward to your gardening posts. I've only grown pink brandywine, but they are so scrumpious. I found you because of your comments to PAMO. You're honest and tell it like it is, and that's a trait I love. In fact, that's how I started following Miss Pam, after she pretty well told me off for not following her back on a comment to MM. So much spunk...I had to follow her then! And it was that door I opened and next found you.

AutumnLeaves said...

Ye gads, Jerry. You do have a way with words. You've left me chuckling a bit here, feeling sad a bit there. If it is any consolation, my daughters have both told me that I have more useless information than anybody they ever have known. Sigh...translation? Booorrrriiinnngggg. And I was never a popular kid in school. Had my couple of friends and that was about it. Whatever.