Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monopoly Money

Monopoly is a great board game, fun for the whole family!  It was invented during the Great Depression, in the 1930's when the entire country ran out of money and no one had work. It might be time to go into the attic and dust it off and start playing the game again!  The game begins with each player having an equal amount of money and the bank has a lot.  You play until you run out of money or, in some cases, the bank runs out of money.  Then the game is over!  It is a game of skill and luck.
     This game can go on for hours, in fact I have played a single game over a three day period! It continues as long as money remains in circulation and each player has some property, some method of earning more money.  When one player has lost his property or when the property wealthy players lose their money then the game is over quickly.
     This is all related to art because I make my living as an artist, selling my wares to people who have money.  No, I don't sell to the "super-rich", I have never met them.  I sell mostly to the upper middle class, those with good jobs, good benefits and yes, even those with good pensions!  I admit it, I am worried about the economy because I need these people!  They are my customers!
    It is not "Boardwalk" and "Park Place" that is being removed from our economy.  I think you could probably still play "Monopoly" without these two positions.  It is the railroads and utilities that are being taken away.  For now, anyway, but they will be coming for the others!  We have changed the rules and it is now a bit more like "Domino's"!  or that children's song, what is it?  "Pansie, Pansie, all fall down"!
    Destroying the middle class, attempting some kind of equality by pulling down those just ahead of us in this rat race will not be good for me.  I doubt that it will be a good thing for anyone.  These are the people that continue the money in circulation, the people who buy new cars, keep the stores afloat, people that buy my art.
    Monopoly doesn't work when the Bank has all the money either.  When the player's have none the game is over.
This is what I do.


Kay said...

I agree..and I always use the baby shoe when I play!

stonepost said...

Thank you, Kay, at least there is one Monopoly player here! Haven't played it for years but always enjoyed it.

AutumnLeaves said...

Funny...I never could win at that game. LOL And I rather like the flat iron myself. My dad always used the car, my mom the thimble, my brother the dog. I can't remember what my sister tended to use.

Barbra Joan said...

Everyone is feeling it Jerry. I know for me my art is not selling as it use to, its not a good feeling for my wallet and thinking that something is wrong with my work.. Art is something people can live without unlike food,!!!
It is a luxury to buy a painting not a necessity. I use to love Monopoly although I can't remember what I used though .. and I wanted to win.. I remember that !! had to win... well I tried!!