Friday, March 25, 2011

A Way with Words...

     There are ten trillion brain cells and we don't use most of them.  There are only 20,000 words in the English language yet mostly we use the same 500 every single day.  Synopses in the brain are like little relay switches, some are much like a computer, on or off, zero or one.  When they are not used they wither and when used often new ones can appear.  Our brains can grow!
    A lot of this is just an excersize, learning a new word a day, reading a whole book from cover to cover,
having a great conversation with someone you are in disagreement with, finding Libya on the map!
    What really happens is we get into a comfort zone of daily routines, things we think we have to do and we narrow our attitude to support our behavior.  I am such an old fashioned guy.  I still read the newspaper from cover to cover!  I read the sports page and I hate sports!  I read the business section and I am happily retired.  I read all the news "that is fit to print" and most importantly, I read the editorials, especially those I may disagree with!  I don't watch much television but caught myself the other day watching MSNBC and couldn't believe what was being passed as "news"!  Talk radio is much the same, both the liberal and the conservative programs are out to add fire to the flames!  They appeal to our emotions because they know.
They know that we have become too lazy.  What the Hell is happening in Sudan and who gives a crap?
     When I raised my daughters (sounds like cattle, huh?) I had no idea of what they were to become.  If they wanted to become beachcomers that would have been okay.  I would just encourage them to become good beachcomers!  The biggest single restriction put upon us is our own fear.  Fear of not being able to do something, fear of failure, fear of losing our footing, of what is comfortable and familar, and even, a fear of success!
    I hope I do "have a way with words", that would be a great thing.  I would rather open synopses, expand horizons, and in the process lose a fear of heights than have today be just like yesterday.  I don't know all of the answers, or any answers for that matter! That would make life pretty simple, I would just pass on what I knew and it could be added to and the world would get better and better!  It doesn't seem to work this way.
Every generation must start from scratch.  I know you have to ask questions to get answers. That's all.
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Anonymous said...
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AutumnLeaves said...

I am forever being told that my kids have to learn for themselves. I always think that is the wisest person who learns from the mistakes of others. to instill that in my own daughters? Headstrong beasts they can be. They get that from their father. LOL