Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two in One Day! or How I Taught Pamo to Poem!

What do you think? Am I?  Could be!
There is a certain nakedness about poetry that people are fearful of, too much fat or not pretty enough. That is the first concept you have to dump.  I suspect that writing poetry is not unlike selling motorcycles.  "Will it really go that fast?"  You are thinking yes it will, off a cliff maybe! and wondering why this fat middle aged dude even wants a bike in the first place!  You are not selling motorcycles, you are selling images, imaginations, fantasy.  "Oh yeah baby, you will look great and she will purr like a kitten!"
    Poetry isn't so much of writing about experiences as it is using your experience as a filter to explain the extrordinary or even the mundane of life.  Just like a motorcycle sale, you have 15 seconds in which to do it!  Words become carefully manipulated, crafted, honed, sharp and to the point.  You can't take back an uncomfortable kiss.  We have all had these; it is not necessary to describe your own, I can image mine.
That is the job of a poet, to create an image, and because mine might be different than yours it becomes dynamic and encourages conversation!  Then you can relax because you know that the motorcycle will sell itself!
So, my wonderful friend, Pamo, yes you would be a great neighbor! and you have given me a topic and I
attempt to stay with it this week, so more on this tomorrow!
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