Thursday, October 7, 2010

Big Art

The assignment was to design and build a roof over these stairs. There were five of us bidding on this project which was a little like comparing apples to oranges since we all approached the task a little (a lot!) differently. I got the job and this is what I did. I love huge Art! I love driving by this site and knowing I built it, knowing it will be there for a long time and knowing it is the only one in town! That is what artists want, isn't it?


Ruby said...

Actually this astounding! You must indeed feel a great well of pride when you drive by. You've definitely accomplished in 'large' what all we artists aspire to!
Most impressive.

rama said...

You know Jerry I was always used to tell my Architect, who is a very dear friend of ours, that she must feel so proud to build such a beautiful house for us,to think our house and other houses she had built would remain for generations to admire even though we might no longer be there.
I think Artist, Architects, Writers all belong this category, they can leave something worth behind them for people to admire.
You have indeed done a great job, and have every right to feel the rush of blood whenever you pass through your creations.
Please don't think it is flattery, I really mean it. May God always be with you unfolding your talents forever.

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, this beats Savannah. what else can I say?