Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Green Line

This is stretched canvass over a steel frame.
The green line I suppose would be the self-portrait aspect of this.
It was meant to fill a wall space and to just experiment, using every color I had. In doing this I discovered that the background is as important as the painting. It will dictate how we view a painting and even whether or not we see the painting, especially from a distance. I am used to my metal art, Home Shows, and outdoor art where I want to draw attention to it from 100 feet away! This works for that!


Barbra Joan said...

The size of this can fill my whole wall.. I'm going to paint a tree (a mural ) on one ..

stonepost said...

See, size does matter! A mural on a whole wall would be great!

Ruby said...

Yes indeed, negative space is as important in a painting as the positive (subject).
This is brilliant! Very well done!