Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free Advertizing

I am "Googleable" - you can look me up!
Jerry Carlin. I am not a famous artist (I'm still alive!) and there is nothing particuarly noteworthy about me. One day I took about four hours on this net to just see how difficult this would be. It is pretty easy, really. You join a bunch of free sites and they do the work for you.
This is the modern world of the net. It is no longer "I think, therefor I am". It is I am digitable, I am pixels, I exist in cyberspace, so I am alive! Well, that is a bunch of crock of course but people want to know who you are, where you can be found, what kind of art you produce, and in my case because I am invited into their homes, what kind of person you are. The internet is great for this. When I am represented in a local gallery or even up and down this valley I live in,
I always find the local internet classifieds or Craigslist, and post a listing there directing people to my websites and telling them what I do. Hey, here is one of my sites now:
I must have at least 10 websites and most of them are free and all of them will make you more findable.


Ruby said...

Love the sound and idea of 'cyber space'! A whole new world for me having grown up with 'tube type' radios and portable record players that were the size of a small suitcase!
I have only one regret about this electronic age.....I need a hundred more years ... I so would like to be among the first settlers to a new planet!

stonepost said...

Me too Ruby, I grew up in that world! Even now I don't own a cell phone. This computer is an antique at 8 years old and I was 43 before I was tricked into buying a television set!

rama said...

Welcome to the new and ever fascinating dawn : wake up to new mind- blowing things around us!