Friday, October 8, 2010

One Week Challenge

Here is a challenge for you! Could you go a week without buying anything imported from China? Check the labels, this is a lot more difficult than you might think. What is our urge to buy junk? I think it should be a law that we have to spend a day at the dump just to see what gets thrown away: almost
everything! What are your thoughts on this?
This grape cluster is made from scrap steel and ball bearings
on a copper backing, all found at the dump!


Ruby said...

What an exquisite piece! What a master craftsman and artist turning junk into such beautiful artwork!
I have just boxed and binned all sorts of 'junk' having completed my fall housecleaning. Some of it, antique glassware, beautiful blue glass preserving jars, very old glass wire insulators; picture frames galore.
I ALMOST went to a favourite haunt of mine today to see 'what was on hand I might want to buy'. Heavens knows what that might have been...but didn't.
Haven't bought any junk recently...and I do check labels. I will not purchase any wood products unless I know the source; will not buy wood products from anywhere in Asia because of the possibility of it containing larvae of harmful beetles or bugs.
This is going to turn into a long comment....maybe I had better post some thoughts on this on my blog tomorrow...too long for a comment!
Just an add....I will not buy a certain brand of boxed fish and certain seafoods because I know the company purchases in Asia, boxes in USA ... fish are net caught and poorly processed.
Excellent blog.

stonepost said...

Thank you, Ruby! Even a simple fish sandwish is likely from a farm in China! Does the U.S. even make paint brushes any more? Do we make anything?

Ruby said...

Good news, it seems Purdy paintbrushes are manufactured in USA...tried to find out where they acquired the beech and alder they use for handles but could not.

However, they don't seem to be artists' brushes