Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Sound and the Furry

Abstract, meaningless, an accidental discovery!
I have lots of grinders and sanders in my shop and they all behave a little differently. When I use one I first scratch at this piece of stainless steel to see how it will do. One day it got caught in the camera lense as I was taking a photo of something else and I liked the way the light caught it. If you click this and make it bigger you will see a lot of detail and cool shapes in it. I studied it for hours and took about a hundred photos of it. Moving the camera a half an inch caught the light differently and produced a different result. I became lost on that day and wondered "how did I do that?" What grinder made the chains? How did I get the water effect at the bottom? and where the heck did the colors come from? How did I take a flat piece of stainless steel and give it debth? So this is the piece that sparked my curiosity and it was all an accident! Every single little detail by chance!

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Barbra Joan said...

Good Stuff Jerry, but I want to see the photo of the Saxaphone. Do you have one.? hmmmmm.. Something about the sound of a saxaphone...