Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saxaphone for Barbra!

Here is the Sax Barbra! I never got a really good photo and the original is long gone! This was the second in the series and I am still learning and discovering all the colors I can get from a torch. No paint, no stain, do dyes, only the torch,
heat on stainless steel is providing all the color. The whole series sold pretty fast, one day I'll make another! A series on musical instruments in pencil would be great too, don't ya think?


Barbra Joan said...

Thanks Jerry, I see it very well, its beautiful. The saxaphone has kind of a wailing sound, the sound of the blues. Dare I say sexy? oh, no? ok I won't. lol!
and yes, musical instruments in pencil. I'll have to go over that in my head...

Ruby said...

Another masterpiece! I never cease to be astounded by your prowess with torch and metal. This one touches the soul! Thank you for sharing.