Thursday, October 14, 2010


Self-portraits are both difficult to do and complicated. I think we never see ourselves as other's see us. I sometimes wonder if there is a constant being in this body. I know that by necessity we are different around different people and we can't be funny all the time. They lie by emphasis and omission. They are necessary though to understand ourselves and to discover what is behind the art?


Ruby said...

In school we were required to do a self portrait. I did mine from behind. Didn't go over too well!

How can I possibly achieve a self portrait when I can't see who I am?

Like your idea. Perfect likeness!

Ruby said...

I guess what I meant when I said I couldn't 'see' who I am was that I am many faces and facets; how would I know which was really me? I would have to do something along the lines of Picasso.....a fractured face!
Now maybe there is the answer I have searching!

stonepost said...

I think that is exactly right, Ruby, Picasso and fractured faces!
We are all many people, actors on this stage!