Friday, October 1, 2010

Color of Metal

I once did a series on musical instruments, this piano, a guitar, a saxaphone, some drums and
a violin. These were steel framed sheets of stainless steel. The image is scratched out and created with grinders and sanders. All the color comes from a torch! I took the finished pieces to the local paint shop and had them powder coated clear. Heavy Metal, for sure! These were my first attempts at painting before I ever discovered acrylics or a paint brush.


Barbra Joan said...

After I enlarged it I could see it better, at first I couldn't quite 'get it' ...well the pic was small but enlarging I could then see all the 'marks' should post the other ones also.

stonepost said...

I'll post another tomorrow! about "seeing it" I'll be the first to admit it has an abstract but electrical quality to it. At least they all sold; all I have is the photos! We know that artists can't afford their own art! lol.
Thank you, Barbra Joan