Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Office Door

This is the door to my office. My shop is my studio and in my backyard and I walk the hundred feet or so to "work" every day. It is a pleasant walk, across the stone bridge, past the little plunge pool I built with my daughters when they were eight and eleven, along the edge of the garden, flowers greeting me all along the way. None of this is luck, it is the advantage of living in the same house for forty years and it is who I am. I built everything on this little third acre,
planted every tree, nourished every little plant. I have lived here long enough that it has changed radically over the years. Where once there were playgrounds and swings and jungle gyms is now a greenhouse and display area for my metal work. The steel and concrete bridge was once a cedar bridge that I also built 35 years ago and finally its time had come and I wanted to build one last bridge, never to be replaced. I built my house and everything in it, all the furniture, the art, the floors that I walk on. All of this took more time than money and if I had had the money I might have bought it, but I was willing to wait and enjoyed the experience and the learning involved in doing it myself.


rama said...

Post pictures of your house, I for one would like to see all the things made by you. You are a genius.

stonepost said...

Thank you, Rama, not a genius, just not afraid!