Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When a Welder Paints

I started painting one year ago and knew from the begining that I couldn't do what a camera can do. Welding is different than painting. It is not like glueing things together, you are actually mixing molecules from one piece of steel into the other and if you are good at it, these are in little swirls.
As I began painting I did it the same way. This is probably the third or forth and I have only about 20 paintings total. They are representative.


Barbra Joan said...

Well Jerry, I had to go in real close on this one ... I don't know how, but you are showing me somehing I've never seen anything before.

stonepost said...

Thanks for the compliment, at least if you haven't seen it before I will take it that way! My first 12 paintings were done on copper sheets because that is what I had in this metal shop. Painting on copper the paint is alive and has a will of its own. I ran out of copper and now use canvas but it is not as much fun because the paint stays where you put it. When I want that "live paint experience"
I will paint on tin foil which gives the same effect as the copper but is cheap.

rama said...

Jerry this is wonderful. You know what I see: a man and a woman doing tango to the music which has lyrics going like this:
Come let' make
a date
To Tango quite late
And when we get
We'll just Hesitate.

(from a Tango post card of 1919 made in America)
Incredible job, well done.

stonepost said...

Thank you, Rama, Tango does sound fun! I do try to make my paintings alive and dancing and fun!