Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Garden as Art

This is on my way to work, the 100 feet or so I walk every morning to my studio. My little third acre where I hang out and find comfort from the world's problems. This was all barren ground forty years ago and has changed radically over the years, at times being a debris field for left-over construction projects, a playground and digging field for my children, and always somewhere in here, a garden. I have had gardens all my life, sharing them with my parents as a youngster and on my own since I was seventeen. Sometimes I was moving about and they were simple and small and maybe just a flower pot but I have always been amazed at the promise of a seed. If I am nice to it, it is nice to me! Wouldn't life be so nice if it were that simple?


Barbra Joan said...

Sure Jerry, it life were just one flower pot.. we'd sure have it easy, but think of all that empty space around it... Nothing there? Boring! and useless. So I like the garden that has lots of different elements to it, flowers here and there twisting and turning and even those few weeds and rocks in it..(theres always those pesky weeds) . The Garden Of Life I call it, and its how we tend it that will makes it full and grow..
One flower pot for me? Not my kind of life.

rama said...

You have a lovely garden, the plants are brimming with color and of course love for you.

Ruby said...

What a lovely garden and a wonderful retreat! Gardens to me have always been a 'gift'! An opportunity to work the soil, plant a seed, nuture and watch it grow and flourish. Food for the soul, the heart and the mind!
I used to believe that that was how my children should be raised...little people finding out about life - digging in the earth, playing in mud, the sun and rain on their heads.
I too have always had a garden of sorts. Now that I live in an apartment I have taken over my daughter's garden.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Stonepost!... What an exciting and varied interest site you offer!

Gardens... and anything else created and shared with passion is... Art! That is the joy of creation. So many ways... so many thoughts and solutions!

Your concept of using your time to create things and choosing to focus on living... is a blessing. Those feelings and that path bring great Peace!

Happy Gardening and Art making!
Warm regards,