Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"According to Expectation"

A little more on my teaching days... I only taught school for three years, until they ran out of money and layed off 35 teachers to make up the budget. By accident I went into construction and carried all my teaching ideas with me. I always made "lesson plans", daily goals and how to reach them and whether it is putting a roof on or getting a kid to read a book, the process is the same, and it is really very simple. If I thought my crew couldn't do the job they never did; if I thought the child wouldn't read the book, they never did. My expectations as a teacher and as a construction foreman were always huge. I actually prefered the rowdie kids, the trouble makers, those with an abundance of energy, those that made a point of hating school. There was a lot of energy there and I made it my job to channel it.
"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are surely right". That is one of my favorite quotations and I am sorry to say I don't even know who said it! It is like "The Little Engine that Could" from my childhood days, "I think I can, I think I can" and eventually you will.


T.Knowley said...

It was Henry Ford who said it and it was a very true statement.

Your right of course our own thoughts can often help or impede our desires.

Barbra Joan said...

My mother read me the story of the Little Engine that could. Every single time I said I couldn't do something .. she read me that story.. My mother was the Master/ Mistress of courage. To this day it is something I value so much... One day ot long ago, at the flea market I ran across that Little Golden Book, titled The Little Engine that Could. I immediately bought it .. It brought back all those memories of my mother giving and teaching me the courage to do anything I had to do in life...
I'm so glad you read it too. !

Ruby said...

Something like being a "possibilitarian". Don't know if there such a word ... but everything is possible if one but believes (well, and works at it as well).
One of the first books I gave my granddaughter (she was less than 24 hours old at the time) was the 'Paper Bag Princess'. A child's story about determination, courage and belief in oneself. She made her mother read it to her over and over. I like to think it started her on the road to her current success; a graduate of medical science, now studying to be a lawyer.
You have to believe in order that others around you will believe.