Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Paintings Don't Exist

Except in this nether world of cyberspace. They are mostly painted on metal, copper when I
am lucky enough to find it and most recently on tin roofing shingles. I use acrylic paint and the
cheapest brushes I can find. I always do the background first, blotching paint here, dribbling it there and hitting the whole thing with a roller, preferably an old, used roller half cleaned and thrown on the shelf. I don't want to mix these missives just distributed them equally. The background is always a mystery to me and helps me determine the
central focus or at least I like to think it does. It
is all done wet because the metal doesn't absorb
the paint as canvas would. It is alive and has a will of its own; it is going to be what it does! When it is done I take pictures of it and then, still wet, I hit it with the roller again, creating a new background and I get to start the whole process over again! Sometimes I can get six paintings from one piece of metal.

This one is an exception, my Trumpet Vines on canvass. It is about 2' X 3' and done on the canvas of a window shade.

And this is where I do it, the welding table in my metal shop!


Barbra Joan said...

Jerry it would be great if these were permanent.. Or try doing the same thing on canvas .. hey ,, you know that abstract 'stuff' goes over big !! Really Big!

Angel-Star said...

bright and de-LIGHT-ful work

Ruby said...

Oh, please let some of them dry....old masters enamelled copper .... must look into that.

I would love to see each of those here every day.

Jerry, please dry some, somehow! They are so vibrant and full of life!

Maundering mutterer said...

I love the vibrance of those colours!